Wednesday, September 16, 2009


...I've been passing time... doing TAX RETURNS!

So much so that I've been lagging on my reading front. So I decided to make a quick run to my neighborhood Barnes and Noble to pick up these:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rice! I blame you...

...for the years of being overweight.

...for the Halloween that I had to be a fat red Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

...for that one time at freshman basketball practice when the varsity captain called me E-Honda.

...for being made fun of as you clung on to my shirt hours after a hearty meal.

...for making me laugh upon finding you.

...for giving me the strength to proceed.

...for providing sustenance to my family and friends.

...for being a staple to my people.

...for never failing to satiate.

...for being...

Welcome to the Club! Members Only.

Of home ownership that is...

Don't think for a minute that once you sign the documents and take the keys for the first time that you've become a "home owner." They tried and true test to become a true home owner is if you don't shed a tear at the first signs of any major household problem. I'm not talking about your power going out. Nor do I think that a clogged toilet or sink could even be considered. I'm talking about broken pipes, water damage, flooding...things of that nature.

Speaking from experience? Yes.

For those of you who have been privileged enough to experience what I'm talking about, thanks for the warning (sarcasm).

It's a different thing when you have to deal with these types of problems on your own. YOU have to clean it. YOU have to find the cause. YOU have to take time out of your busy schedule to call a plumber and get estimates. YOU have to shoulder the cost for the repair.

Gone are the days of daddy or mommy helping clean or diagnosing the problem. Long gone are the times of cost free living. It's your burden now.

But oh, these are the joys of living on your own and the fruits of your labor to gain equity. I'm just saying...

By no means is this a complaint though. You can say that it's more like a warning for any of you looking to make a purchase sometime soon. And believe me, you'll love your house no matter what happens. Just prepare yourself to add a whole new level of responsibility to your list and put a check mark next to life's accomplishments.