Friday, October 9, 2009


It's an amazing thing. One day we're typing in each others' information and the next day, we're scanning their bar codes. Stay in touch...

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Citizens of the United States (and for any other law creating / abiding nation) beware! Those who have been entrusted to uphold and enforce the law are perpetrators themselves...

Call me cautious, but I am a law abiding citizen. (I even recently had a discussion with my girlfriend who questioned my hesitation to make a u-turn.) Call me lucky, because the few times I have fractured a law or two, I have not been caught. Ok, so I've broken more laws than a few, so I guess I AM lucky. But then again, so are the numerous police officers that I have seen get away with breaking what they are supposed to be defending. BUSTED! I would love to make a citizens' arrest. Is that even possible? Does that even exist?

Part I
As I was walking down Broadway on Wednesday this week, I began to smell an uncanny odor wafting in my direction. To my surprise, there it was.

A large pile of manure! And where was it located? Why of course, beneath the steed of one of New York's finest.

Have you ever heard of curbing your dog? Shouldn't the same rules apply to horses? Or to any other animals that are allowed to walk the streets with other pedestrians? Why do those horses that draw the carriages around Central Park have a trough under their asses? They should be able to relieve themselves wherever they want, no? Are police horses exempt from the law or something? That would make them similar to Diplomats and other law "enforcement" I suppose, huh?

Part II
According to the National Safety Council, it is estimated that "more than 100 million people use cell phones while driving." In fact, 81% of the public admit to this. And of the now 6 states (see which ones) that completely ban the use of handheld cell phone use while driving, I happen to live and work in 2 of them. AND, on almost a regular basis, I have watched a police car drive by operated by an officer ON A CELL PHONE! I find it amazing that the same officer can be having a conversation on his/her cell phone while driving, and later on that day have the guts to pull someone over for the same misdeed.

Part III
Now this probably pisses me off the most. Have you ever approached a stoplight at an intersection behind a police vehicle? What's the first thing that crosses your mind? He can't pull you over because you're behind him, right? Actually, my first reaction is, "where are my handcuffs?" Why? Because you know that 1 in 10 (hey, I'm giving them the benefit) will flip the wild police lights on, run the red, and flip them off once they cross the intersection. You know what I'm talking about. Did that traffic camera get that on tape?

How do these law enforcers get away with it? Are these people not subject to the same penalties, if not worse? Would another officer pull over one of his brethren in the name of the law? Can standard citizens take action? Thought provoking isn't it?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


...I've been passing time... doing TAX RETURNS!

So much so that I've been lagging on my reading front. So I decided to make a quick run to my neighborhood Barnes and Noble to pick up these:

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Rice! I blame you...

...for the years of being overweight.

...for the Halloween that I had to be a fat red Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

...for that one time at freshman basketball practice when the varsity captain called me E-Honda.

...for being made fun of as you clung on to my shirt hours after a hearty meal.

...for making me laugh upon finding you.

...for giving me the strength to proceed.

...for providing sustenance to my family and friends.

...for being a staple to my people.

...for never failing to satiate.

...for being...

Welcome to the Club! Members Only.

Of home ownership that is...

Don't think for a minute that once you sign the documents and take the keys for the first time that you've become a "home owner." They tried and true test to become a true home owner is if you don't shed a tear at the first signs of any major household problem. I'm not talking about your power going out. Nor do I think that a clogged toilet or sink could even be considered. I'm talking about broken pipes, water damage, flooding...things of that nature.

Speaking from experience? Yes.

For those of you who have been privileged enough to experience what I'm talking about, thanks for the warning (sarcasm).

It's a different thing when you have to deal with these types of problems on your own. YOU have to clean it. YOU have to find the cause. YOU have to take time out of your busy schedule to call a plumber and get estimates. YOU have to shoulder the cost for the repair.

Gone are the days of daddy or mommy helping clean or diagnosing the problem. Long gone are the times of cost free living. It's your burden now.

But oh, these are the joys of living on your own and the fruits of your labor to gain equity. I'm just saying...

By no means is this a complaint though. You can say that it's more like a warning for any of you looking to make a purchase sometime soon. And believe me, you'll love your house no matter what happens. Just prepare yourself to add a whole new level of responsibility to your list and put a check mark next to life's accomplishments.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My New York City Pedestrian Traffic Rules

1. Keep right, Pass left. Slow moving traffic please put on your hazard lights.

2. Signal when changing lanes.

3. Look left and right before crossing street or turning.

4. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk. If you need to carry a conversation, step to the side. 

5. Do not make sudden stops.

6. Do not make u-turns in the middle of the sidewalk. Pull over to the side, look, and proceed  with about-face.

7. Do not cut people off. But if you must, then maintain passing speed when attempting to cut off. 

8. If you must smoke, please walk in the street. That is where tar belongs. 

9. Look both ways when attempting to cross the street. If there are no cars, cross. There is no need to wait for the pedestrian signal to tell you to "walk."

10. Jay-walking is permitted and is encouraged when you are late for work. 

11. In the event that someone is running in your direction, please clear the way. They are either in a really big rush, or attending to an emergency. 

12. Please look in all directions before you spit out your gum. 

13. If a taxicab beeps at you, give them the finger and tell them "you're walking here." Pedestrians always have the right of way. 

14. In the event that you see a very attractive person, proceed with caution. Slowly manuever to the right and stop on the side, turn, and gawk. 

15. Please keep a safe following distance. 

Learn these and you're golden when walking the streets of NY...

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Life After College - the Quarter Life Crisis

From the day we were born, we were given goals to meet, standards to live up to, and a future to look forward to. Our parents, family, friends, and teachers have all had their sights set on our achievement.

When we were in elementary school, we learned the basics to everything in life, and the goal was to make it to high school. In high school, we buckled up for a competitive 4 years all with the determination to go to college. Upon arrival to college, we remained poised to prep ourselves for a future career, all while becoming accustomed to a new social dynamic. And on our commencement day, we were inaugurated into that so-called "real world."

Now here we are, past the social high-life of 21 year olds, reaching the quarter-life, and have logged more than a few thousand hours of experience in our chosen careers. We've achieved all of our previously set goals. Now what's next?

There are no certainties going forward. We have not set any mandates for ourselves. The major life necessities have all been acquired. Do we go to grad school? Do we buy a house or rent an apartment? Do we stay in our comfort zone or do we move to new frontiers? Do we continue to date or do we get married? Do we have kids? How do we afford this? How do we get that? Who can we seek advice from? Is this true? Can this be? Are you sure? Is it necessary? What if...? A crisis, indeed.

There is an abundance of options and roads to take. We have the colorful imaginations to dream the best and the power to make those dreams come to fruition.

I suppose that the best way to summarize this all is from an excerpt from a movie I recently watched (again).

In the closing scene of Back to the Future III, Jennifer appeals to Doc Brown on the disappearance of a fax she brought back from the future.

Jennifer: I brought this note back from the future it's erased!
Of course it's erased!
Jennifer: But what does that mean?
Doc: It means that your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is
whatever you make it. So make it a good one. Both of ya!
Marty: We will, Doc!

Good luck to us all in our future endeavors!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Trains of Thought

Thought patterns are one of the most interesting things that we take for granted. Not until recently have I been so intrigued. Have you ever wondered how the creators of Family Guy come up with their material? I think I've figured it out. They get a bunch of corporate Americans who's daily relief from the jobs they hate is a 1 hour time frame all to themselves in the middle of the day, put them in a conference room, and call it lunch. Albeit a rather boring sounding beginning to a lunch break, but it proves fruitful.

Now these just aren't your ordinary corporate Americans. These are the creative cream of the crop. I'm talking about the well-read IT Guy, the faux know-it-all, the quiet lady, the doubter, the intern, and the occasional cynic. And their differences are not just their demeanor, but also their cultural background. Put all that in a mix, and've got yourself a grade A creative comedy team.

With such variety of people, culture, background, and personality, it's no wonder a slew of topics emerge in conversation. Intellectual to nonsensical, morose to jubilant, factual or fictional, and the list goes on.

Now the amazing part is that they all seem to tie together. Discussions of the theory of black holes leads to the music of Soundgarden (Black Hole Sun... won't you come...) to wash away the rain... drops keep falling on my window(s)... of the World was a great restaurant in the World Trade the position that I play in a better sport than baseball... I can't believe the Philles won the World Series... of poker is a game that relies on a good composure... or composer of cards is like a composer of music, you have to find the harmony... and I bumeped into my friend Melodee a few weeks ago in the street as I was walk(ing)...the Line was an ok movie... don't you think?

I guess that's why they call it "trains" of thought. You are constantly LINKING things together and always on the GO to CONVEY your thought, hopes, dreams, and ideas. Family Guy just makes it more evident... and funny.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anthony Bourdain No Reservations: Philippines

For those of you who have seen Anthony Bourdain's TV show No Reservations, you are familiar with the typical Bourdain style. A hip, leather jacket sportin', cigarette smoking, beer chugging, adventurous, entertaining, daring, and outgoing Bourdain is not what you would call a shy person. The clever title of his show has a dual meaning. No Reservations in the sense of not making arrangements for accommodation at a restaurant, and No Reservations in the sense of not holding back emotions and opinions.

Unfortnately, in the most recent episode in the Philippines, Bourdain seemed to lack his usual flare. I can't imagine that it was due to a lack of tantilizing foods, flavors, or aromas. And although he says he had a great time in his blog (Anthony Bourdain), one could only wonder how in the world he could tolerate the complete lack of emotion from his Cebuano tour guide Augusto Elefano.

For a person who "argued so fervently for his country of ancestry," Elefano showed little knowledge about his motherland when it actually came down to it. Anyone can put together a video...even me, and I'm a PC. Watching his video that convinced Bourdain to visit the great Archipelago gave me high hopes of a truly entertaining episode. But when it all came down to it the show, because of Elefano's enthusiasm, was flat.

I'm glad that Bourdain visited the Philippines. And I'm sure that he was able to feast on his fair share of foods. I mean, it's only a 1 hour show, so I'm sure there's plenty of film on the editing room floor. But I was more concerned with the way this Filipino American came off to the viewing public.

Augusto's personality on the show was the complete opposite of the video that achieved the Philippines the honor of hosting Bourdain. There was no excitement. The show is called No Reservations! Why did I feel like he confined his emotions and enthusiasm? Who could hold back any type of emotion? I understand that Augusto was going through some sorts of an identity issue (not crisis), but being in the land of his predecessors should have given him some type of pride. He was uber proud in his video. But how could he have been so proud with his so-called identity crisis?

I'm not so much concerned with how the food was presented or what was / was not highligted. I guess the bottom line is that Augusto's representation of Filipinos and the culture is off. From his complete 180 degree personality change between his video and his performance on screen to the lack lustre dynamic of his family "party," the overall portrayal of Filipinos was weak. Yes, in a sense Elefano put us on the map in the Foodie world, but his actions and words are setting us back. Plenty of Filipinos and Filipino Americans have made great strides to further us as a people.

Augusto - there are plenty of organizations and people to help you "FIND yourself." For goodness sakes, you live in the cultural capital of the world that is New York City. Use the New Yorker in you and FIND those resources to help you identify.

I hope Chef Bourdain does a Part Deux.