Monday, July 7, 2008

To My Surprise

I'll be honest. I received this book as a Christmas gift this past December, and I've been hesitant to read it. The title alone seemed to be an insult to me. Do I seem to be the type of person who has no friends? Do I not know how to effectively influence people? What can I possibly learn from this book that I don't already know?

But to my surprise, this book is actually very well written. It provides great insights to the tragedies of social failure. I find myself agreeing with many of the citations. And I concur with the ideas and solutions to seemingly simple problems.

So far, this book reaffirms my ways of thinking, living, being. It is helping me keep a positive attitude about how I carry myself in the things I do and the words I speak. As I continue to read page after page, I find myself relating so many of the examples described within to my life in love, laughter, relationships, school, and work.

Many times I wish that people could understand why and how I feel the way I feel or think the way I think. And so I'm going to put this out there... READ IT! I highly recommend it (and I'm not even done yet). I'd go as far as to recommend that this book be required reading as a pre-requisite to college (yea, it's that good and that important). The references to notable people, quotable quotes, and most importantly, the appeal it has to the average person on a daily basis is what will keep you reading.

Trust me... you'll thank me for this. And I, in return, will thank you for reading it...


Leen said...

Shouldn't just being yourself be good enough? haha...I will peruse that book though.

JewlzeOfWisdom said...

Seeeee. I gave you that book for a reason. I was hesitant at first too, but I read it and really enjoyed it. I'm glad you liked it. The title throws people off, but I think many would benefit from this book.