Friday, March 6, 2009

My New York City Pedestrian Traffic Rules

1. Keep right, Pass left. Slow moving traffic please put on your hazard lights.

2. Signal when changing lanes.

3. Look left and right before crossing street or turning.

4. Do not stop in the middle of the sidewalk. If you need to carry a conversation, step to the side. 

5. Do not make sudden stops.

6. Do not make u-turns in the middle of the sidewalk. Pull over to the side, look, and proceed  with about-face.

7. Do not cut people off. But if you must, then maintain passing speed when attempting to cut off. 

8. If you must smoke, please walk in the street. That is where tar belongs. 

9. Look both ways when attempting to cross the street. If there are no cars, cross. There is no need to wait for the pedestrian signal to tell you to "walk."

10. Jay-walking is permitted and is encouraged when you are late for work. 

11. In the event that someone is running in your direction, please clear the way. They are either in a really big rush, or attending to an emergency. 

12. Please look in all directions before you spit out your gum. 

13. If a taxicab beeps at you, give them the finger and tell them "you're walking here." Pedestrians always have the right of way. 

14. In the event that you see a very attractive person, proceed with caution. Slowly manuever to the right and stop on the side, turn, and gawk. 

15. Please keep a safe following distance. 

Learn these and you're golden when walking the streets of NY...

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Leen said...

you forgot about escalator rules such as staying to the right for faster walkers to walk on the left...I know I got stampeded on!