Sunday, July 22, 2018

Social Fabric - What Cloth Are You Cut From?

Pretty interesting show on Netflix that I found recently called Social Fabric. A play on words, this is a docuseries about the culture that clothing creates, represents, and develops. Kyle Ng's perspective as a young fashion designer helps connect the world as it is today to the world from where the trends in streetwear and style came from.

I initially didn't think I'd be interested, but after the first episode I was kind of hooked on the way the show was produced / directed. It's very hip. The language is colloquial and his background really connects with me, maybe because we're around the same age or maybe because we're Asian or maybe because we listen to similar music or experienced the same things when we were younger. Maybe.

Anyway... thought it was worth a mention. And Kyle Ng is getting a 2nd season of Social Fabric to delve in to more in depth views on other clothing styles. Carry on Kyle. Carry on.

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