Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Work Smarter AND Harder

I am not fond of the quote “work smarter, not harder.

For a person who is constantly trying to learn, develop, share, educate, improve, and create this motto represents only half of the credo necessary to be successful.

The quote is really only applicable to individual tasks, but on the whole of one's work-life this only helps you achieve partial results. For me, you need to work smarter for everything, and harder for the things you need to improve on. If you don't work harder, how can you become smarter?

Working smarter and not harder is a busted circle. There's a gap that needs filling.

But when you complete the loop, you become a better person.

Work it harder
Make it better
Do it faster
Makes us stronger
More than ever
Hour after
Our work is
Never over

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