Sunday, April 4, 2021

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Although, it's known to be widely read and a classic in it's own right, I don't believe I ever read this book in my youth. Strangely, I think it would have been easier to comprehend back then than it is as an adult. But why? Maybe my imagination has diminished over time, or maybe fiction is something I struggle to grasp (I don't read a lot of fiction - can you tell?). Or maybe it's because I'm too stuck in reality and am adulting too hard. But more likely, my comprehension of the simple things is poor because I over-complicate them or just plain don't see the light of day.

The story is of a young prince who travels to different planets, including Earth, and learns by the experience of others about loneliness, friendship, love, and loss. His understanding of these things comes through discussion and asking questions, and his experiences throughout planet-hopping. The Little Prince makes observations about life, nature, and the fickleness of humanity. 

After reading the book and consulting Wikipedia to actually understand what the book is about, it dawned on me - I am one of the characters that the Little Prince met on some far off planet. Which one am I? Read the book to find out...

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