Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 Recap - The Positive Among the COVID Negative

In my relatively short 38 years here on Earth, there haven't been many instances that I consider to have severely impacted my life personally. Sure, while there have been countless problems under every facet of life at every second of the day as the world continues to rotate on its axis around the sun, few have made me feel the way these past 21 months have holistically and continuously. And that is, I've been mentally challenged and exhausted by, first and foremost, the COVID problems of the world but secondly by my daily service of work, and of course all the other hiccups that never stop when you want them to, occur when you least expect them to, or alter your goals / beliefs / attitude. 

Despite that, there are still things to be positive about. Life / science / IVF, vaccines, the ability to travel, food and drink, experience and immersion, and the ability to continue learning through reading. And for that, I can share this year in photos, videos, and links. 

My Year in Books

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