Thursday, August 22, 2013

Who Cut The Cheese?

I did! Haha...

Two months ago I cut the cheese out of my diet. Initially, I had done it as part of my triathlon training. But after living without it, I realized that I am better off.

Cheese used to be a daily part of my lunchtime sandwiches. But I have since started to use hummus as a replacement for both cheese and mayo/mustard. Not only is it healthier but it also tastes great, as long as you like that Mediterranean flavor. Add a sliced cucumber to that sandwich and it becomes even more refreshing. 

Giving up cheese wasn't as hard as I imagined it would be, mentally. But physically...cheese is in everything (or at least could be). Just think of how many different types of cheese there are and all the combinations of food that goes well with cheese. Cheese is a binding element. It can unify the components of a particular dish. And it brings people together...around a pizza or fondue.

In a lot of ways, cheese and I are similar. We're found all over the world. We're fatty. We're smooth. And we get along with everyone...

But I've come to break that bond with cheese, and my digestive system, heart, and arteries thank me.

It's too bad this is off the table now...

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