Sunday, October 23, 2016

Perception Is Deception Until Reality Is Revealed

The perception about the safety of traveling to certain regions of the Earth is generally negative. The media and the government tend to over protect the American people, which maybe insulates us and prevents us from venturing out to see the beauty that the world has to offer. Don't get me wrong. I'm an American, and I'm thankful for the protection I receive, but doesn't it go overboard sometimes?

I have a friend who lives in Turkey. When he received our round-the-world itinerary he questioned why Turkey was not on the list. I told him that we had originally planned to visit. But we removed it from our destination list because we feared the recent strife and deadly conflict in the region. I even checked and cited to him the travel warnings on the State Department's website. I asked him for his opinion.

He told me that there's really no concern, but he can understand what it looks / seems like from the outside in. And if we decided to change our plans, then we should let him know.

Imagine it from his point of view. It would be like trying to visit California while there's hurricane in Florida or terrorism in New York and reading a travel warning for the entire United States. The incidents are isolated. The country is huge. It's ridiculous to fear travel warnings that are so broad. But it's happening to the United States (see here).

Well, anyway, we changed our plans. Turkey is back on the list, and we'll find out for ourselves what the reality of the situation is. And despite the trouble we've heard about, there's certain to be beauty to be seen, flavors to touch the palate, and aromas to stir the olfaction.

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