Sunday, November 13, 2016

Gobble, gobble - 20 Days Until Departure!!!

AND 8 days of work left!!! I gave myself a week before our actual departure to settle any administrative tasks and household chores before we take-off. So my last day in the office is Wednesday, November 23. I will be able to enjoy Thanksgiving free of work-related stress.

We've put together most of the things we are going to bring. Considering we only have a backpack and a carry-on each, it's not that much. But I'm confident that we'll have what we need and can pick up things along the way if necessary.

The first 2 months of flights and accommodations have been booked! And we'll continue to reserve things on a rolling basis.

Amongst all the things we need to do while away, making sure I keep up with this blog is near the top of the list. So here's my test for posting our locations as we go.

New Jersey, our home, our starting point...

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