Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Maybe this is what retirement feels like

Over the past week or so, people at work have started to approach me and ask about leaving my position at my current job. Most people have heard it through the grapevine, and others I've told personally. In either case, I've gotten many well-wishers and many questions about the trip. Overall it has been very positive.

In some sense, I feel like I'm leaving, never to return. Co-workers are congratulating me and telling me what a pleasure it's been to work with me. Others have applauded my decision to leave. Some just wish me well in my future endeavors.

It's a funny feeling to be treated this way. It's positive and happy. If this is what the end of the road to retirement feels like, I almost want it not to end.


Mom / Dad - I've experienced what retirement feels like before you. Do you think you are ready yet?

Looking forward to New Year's in Sydney. Anyone want to join us?!

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