Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I've run out of Swagger!

Why is it so hard to find deodorant in Ho Chi Minh?!?! I looked up grocery stores on Google Maps and began my walking journey around our neighborhood in search of this 1st world necessity. 

My first stop was Big C. For sure I would be here. According to Google, it's a major supermarket with plenty of products. It's the size of a hotel on the map. As I approach the address, I don't see many cars or people. And as I get closer and closer I see why. The building has been partially knocked down! Fail.

Option 2 is a smaller market called Nam An Market. It's around the corner from the supposed Big C. As you know, traffic is crazy here. It's like Frogger to cross the street. So anyway, I get there and it's a really small high end market with organic everything. Surely they have deodorant. I walk up and down every aisle only to find expensive imported foods and cleaning products. But no deodorant.

I continued my quest for deodorant. I stopped by 3 mini marts and a pharmacy. Apparently, like contact solution, deodorant is not sold in the pharmacy! And the mini marts only carry Axe body spray! WTH is that? That's not deodorant!

Where can I find my Swagger?!

I had to Google it again. And I found a place called Sunflower Market very far from where we are that possibly sells Old Spice. But do I go all the way over there to buy my brand of deodorant? Or do I wait and test my luck, hoping to find it somewhere else and maybe perspire a bit more?! LOL. Should I try my luck in India?!?! Hahha. 

My search continues...

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