Friday, July 7, 2017

It's Just A Waiting Game Until The Next Job Comes Along, But In the Meantime...

This is the longest I've been unemployed. I've been doing all the household chores and taking care of all the administrative things that go with owning a home, a car, and having an in-law live with you. I've been taking great care of my health and body since I've had so much time. I've even been able to play basketball at an open gym with some competitive people. Reading more books and keeping up with the news is easier and leisurely, and music is now constantly playing if I'm not reading. All my meals are taken at home and self-made; grocery shopping in the middle of the day is wonderful, and avoiding doing anything during rush hour is the most genius thing ever. The fact that my weekends can be spent more freely is exciting because of how productive I am during the week. Things are so much more different when I have a regular day job.

But despite all the wonderful things I've been able to do during this FUNemployment and all the productive / positive things I've done for this house, I feel strangely useless. Part of the reason is that I'm not earning any income. I am not supporting my family and household financially. In fact, I am trying my best to minimize my expenses. Has my income defined my usefulness? I'm sure it hasn't, but why is this the resulting feeling?

and long term travelers, have any of you felt this way? If so, how do you cope?

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