Thursday, February 1, 2018

Day 245

This morning as I was walking the dog along the usual route, I bumped into my neighbor Martha. She often asks me how things are going, and we get into lengthy conversations just standing outside in the parking lot. It's possible to discuss your entire life with Martha before heading home. But she's a wonderful lady to chat with.

For an elderly (65-70+ is my guess), widowed woman, she seems to be in very good spirits all the time and quite capable of nearly everything still. (I sometimes help her clean off her car and plow her spot when it snows.) Martha still drives her well-kept Toyota Camry, parks in the same spot everyday, and maintains a very regular schedule of things to-do.

Today, she was coming home from a grocery shopping excursion to Costco. And we talked about that for a bit. We both like picking up the berries, other fresh fruit, and vegetables there. Trader Joe's is another of her stops, but she prefers to do all her shopping before 10AM.

Anyway, we got to speaking about my employment situation. As usual, she provides the utmost confidence that a job is out there for me, spouts out some positivity, and reassures me that it will be ok. But before we parted ways for the day, she reminded me...
"Good things come to those who wait.
I quipped that I have no choice, and wanted to ask her how long but refrained.

Thanks Martha! I kind of needed that. Time to continue with the rest of Day 245...

Prayer Flags - Everest Base Camp Trek, Nepal - April 2013

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