Saturday, January 20, 2018

I once wrote that negotiation was my biggest weakness. But in fact, I might have 2 biggest weaknesses of equal...weakness. Haha.

My memory is a weakness that impairs me everyday. Just ask my wife. Just kidding, don't ask her.

Hold on, I have to look up synonyms for the word "weakness" because I can't keep saying "weakness" throughout this post otherwise you'll tell me my weakness is my vocabulary.

The deficiency is debilitating and it only gets worse with age. So I've had to come up with ways to help me from continuous failure in this respect. The method most utilized is writing. But more specifically, I've come up with a system of notation to help fill the gaps in my mind and ensure that I steer clear of any lapse.

In my notebook, I write down to-do lists, questions, reminders, and other notes worth remembering. Next to each line item, I draw an empty circle. And as I complete the tasks I put a checkmark in the circle.

Notes that have a greater importance receive the asterisk, and if some kind of future benefit will be received, then that gets a (+).

Of course, I date everything so that I can keep track of the timing but that's standard practice, isn't it?

When I was fresh out of college and starting my first job, my first full-time boss told me that I should carry paper and pen with me everywhere I go. It's not because she knew how faulty my memory was, but because it's a good habit to develop if you want to stay on top of your game and not miss out on the important things. Ever since then, I've kept this habit, and I've tried to instill it in everyone that I work with.

Does it help? So far, so good. The harder part is to remember to write things down when I first think of them... I get distracted easily...

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