Wednesday, February 2, 2022

The Raging 2020s: Companies, Countries, People—and the Fight for Our Future by Alec J. Ross

I read this book along with The Future Is Faster Than You Think simultaneously and thought it was the best decision I've made in 2021 thus far. While the latter gave us thoughts about convergence in the future, this book attacked the future with a tint of history. It's written with a cause and effect premise examining the economic and political factors of the past to get us to where we are now with a look at what could be of our future if things do or don't change. 

A simple look at the table of contents hints at the direction the book endeavors to take, but a thorough appreciation for the contents will reveal insights about our present in hopes of making the future brighter. The only thing certain is that change is necessary. The questions are, "How?", "When?", "What will it take?", and "Who's in?"

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