Monday, February 13, 2017

Simultaneous feelings of the polar opposite nature

Foreigners of a foreign country affect me in 2 ways. In other words, I feel polar opposite ways in each situation when I see people not native to a particular land.

  1. I feel like they are all tourists and too many tourists are invading the area and wash out the traditional cultural aspects of that locale. I feel like the locals cater to the tourists (myself included) too much, and we miss out on the natural state of their being. That is why we try to get off the beaten path, to see what it's like rurally rather than in the cities that have been over commercialized and touristified. But I also feel...
  2. comfortable amongst the foreigners because I am one. I can associate with the possible feelings they are having. I can relate to their travel mishaps or joys. I can communicate with them easily. Most travelers can speak English. I can share my story easier and know that they will reciprocate. I'm not saying locals will not or cannot fulfill any of these situations, but it comes quicker for me with foreigners. I believe it would take time to gain trust and comfort with a local but with a fellow traveler, there's something that just clicks. They get it.

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