Friday, December 29, 2017

I Need MY (C)an (P)ass (A)ttitude

Here's a topic I've not broached in a long time. The Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam.

I've been asked many times in my life if I worked for my certification. Although I've sat for one part (there are four parts to complete the entire exam) a long time ago, the plain honest truth is that I never found the need for it. So I never made it a priority.

While I was in public accounting, I never thought I'd be a Partner (or reach a management level that required it) and would never have to sign off on other people's tax returns. In private, I wasn't required to have the designation. Yes, it was something employers looked for, but I still obtained work without it. And there are plenty of people in my line of work without it.

And, I'm a terrible test taker. I've never been good at testing situations. I prefer and perform better in practical application situations where I don't have to memorize things, and I can look back at my reference material. I get anxious; I don't like to be rushed. And I second guess myself all the time.


I am now in a situation in my unemployment where it is painfully difficult to obtain work without my CPA certification. Everyone has been asking me. And sometimes it seems like the employers (even recruiters) are hesitant to hire someone without it. My experience is no longer enough to substantiate my employment. I'm sure they think there are better candidates out there who have both the work under their belt along with the credentials.

It makes me angry with myself. But it also makes me angry at the industry for upholding standards that don't really make a difference. There are CPAs out there that don't have half the drive, diligence, know-how, experience, or intelligence that I might have. But this is part of the game. This is a differentiator. Having a CPA is a standard setting accolade.

At the end of the day, I have to get it.

And so I'm on this road again. I am preparing my mind to study as hard as I can. I've ordered my study materials. I'm creating a schedule to incorporate time for the CPA. This time it has to be different. The outcome needs to be in my favor. I can't have another setback in my career and unemployment. With age and experience, I hope that this go around is more fruitful than my novice years.

Wish me luck. Help me stay positive. Pray for my success.

Thank you.

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