Saturday, January 6, 2018

It Helps To Jot It Down

I recently started doing something that I used to do daily while at work. Keep a daily notebook.

It's been very helpful to keep track of things that I need to do (make a checklist), take notes of interesting things I've read about, define words that I didn't know the meaning of previously, and jot down ideas that I've come up with hoping to expound on them in the future (next big idea?).

My notebook is starting to get filled with a variety of crude information, and it's helping me keep organized and not let ideas vanish into thin air. It's also helped me to keep my anxiety and stress levels down.

Almost every day, I flip back through it to make sure I've accomplished the tasks I previously wrote down and briefly review ideas I've come up with and informational (work and life related) blurbs meant to remind me of bankable knowledge.

Do you keep a daily notebook?

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Unknown said...

I use a digital notepad on my iPhone.