Thursday, January 4, 2018

A Mantra For Your Mentality

Mrauk-U, Myanmar

While I was working, I sometimes encountered situations that were terribly frustrating. The amount of work would build up and completing it gave rise to anxiety. Or communication with co-workers or business contacts were aggravating, not fruitful, or straight up confrontational. 
Angkor Wat

I found that taking a step back was the most helpful action I could take. There was a point when I decided I needed to make change. I needed a mantra. So I took a few minutes to write up some lines in Word, printed them out, and tacked them to my board in my line of sight.

Any time it would catch my eye, I was almost forced to read through it. It gave me a reason to pause in the middle of a hectic day or situation to calm down and reassure myself that everything was going to be ok. The work was going to be completed. And the relationships could be mended. The stress was worth the results.

Most recently, I've decided to create a couple of new mantras to combat my new frustrations and anxieties. I wake up each morning, have breakfast, and recite these lines before I continue my day. It's been a good start so far...

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