Thursday, September 28, 2017

500 Words A Day?

I read an article recently on Medium that was really intriguing. I'm not a writer. I didn't get a degree in literature or communications. And my vocabulary certainly isn't large enough to compete in any kind of competition. But I'm an occasional blogger. I like to share my thoughts, ideas, and tidbits about my life. And I'm educated enough to convey these things via social media.

So I'm going to try an experiment in writing 500 words a day via this blog to see what kinds of changes my mind and writing style go through. This will be an exercise in development, discipline, imagination, and creativity. I have a feeling that I will have to take down some of the walls that I normally build in order to keep up with the minimum requirements.

For example, I normally don't write about my feelings. That may have to change. I try to stay away from strong opinions and politics. But lately, it's a topic that's worth writing about. And I also keep a distance from posting about things I'm not too familiar with. But maybe if I do, I'll get some good feedback from my readers and even learn from it. Also, I usually wait until I have something worth saying before I blog. I think I have to take heed of Rao's claim that, "If I waited to be inspired, I'd be screwed" and just write away. Although I have no obligation to write, I think forcing myself to write will really evoke thoughts, feelings, ideas, and opinions from the depths of my mind. It's time to "put pen to paper" or in this day and age, get my "fingers to typing?"

Rao's exercise was for 1,000 words. But one thousand words isn't so easy to accumulate. So I've decided to start at half of his rate. It's still going to be pretty difficult. For the sake of example, "this" is the 320th word in this blog post. Maybe I should start at one-third his rate seeing as I'm not half the writer Rao is.

Yup, that's what it's going to be. (352)

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