Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Holidays Holidaze

We spent nearly a month in Australia. In doing so, we've also come close to celebrating 3 holidays here. The first, Boxing Day. Although technically we were in New Zealand, Australia celebrates it the same way and maybe even goes a step further into making it a weeklong event. However, the meaning of Boxing Day has taken a more retail definition at present. Historically, the holiday was meant to show some sort of gratitude to those who provided services. Boxing Day now means plenty of shops advertising sales and deep discounts. In a sense, the historical tradition holds true, so long as what you purchase is going to someone else, and not self satisfying.

Our original goal was to be here for New Years Eve. Mission accomplished. Festivities galore. I won't bore you with the highlights. Just see my posts from Sydney.

And the last holiday that we are just about to miss is Australia Day. Somewhat similar to America's Independence Day, Australians celebrate the arrival of the First Fleet. These were the first British settlers sent by England to establish a penal colony. More on that here.

But the modern day celebrations seem to celebrate everything good and great about Australia and include events such as bbqs, concerts, festivals, and fireworks. We've been hearing heaps (see definition here) about the special day and are sad to be missing it.

All in all our month in Australia and New Zealand have given us a great insight to what life is like both from a tourist perspective and from the locals whom we have come to meet, share meals with, and formed the bonds of friendship.

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