Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Travel Agencies

Are not dead. Believe it or not. I think that although most people (in the United States) think that this service is now useless due to the advent of the internet, they couldn't be more wrong. I've never seen so many travel agencies in my life until I visited New Zealand and Australia. And without a doubt, the people who work them are the most helpful in the travel universe.

We made quasi last minute reservations to go to the Whitsundays, Australia from Queenstown, NZ with very helpful fellows named Luke and Moxie at Happy Travels. Both were uber informative, answered all our questions, and set everything up to our liking with all our preferences and particulars. And believe me, we were particular (time, size, quantity, cost, etc.).
Powerplay was our catamaran around the Whitsunday Islands

Then in Australia, the various travel shops have been so helpful as to allow us to use their computers, wifi, and even just sit in the air conditioning.

But the simple count of travel agencies in these parts, I know for sure they are all doing well and prospering. The key is that we're in a part of the world where, UNLIKE people in the United States, everyone travels. So the services are necessary. There's even a place called Flight Centre (a chain) that provides booking services for travels.

These two services are amazing and it's no wonder why Australian and New Zealanders can be found anywhere in the world. Their environments allow it, promote it, and regard travel highly. That's how you become a Renaissance Man. The United States can learn a number of things from the friendliest and most well traveled people in the world.

Get out there and TRAVEL people!!!

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