Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thoughts on the Road

  • Do you love where you live? 
  • Does where you live prevent you from doing things you otherwise would do? 
  • Are you happy with your chosen profession? 
  • Will it take you to retirement? 
  • Does you age hinder your desire to do more? 
  • Is the timing ever right? 
  • Is it ever too late to "figure it out?" 
  • How many children should we have?
  • Where should they be born?
  • Will it be difficult to raise children outside of the United States?
  • Is it smart?
  • Is it better?
  • Will their experience be better than ours?
  • Are we brave enough to find out?

As we wind through the twists and turns of Tasmania's roadways we ask ourselves these questions. The numerous hours spent driving over the many kilometers to each of our next destinations have given us the time to ponder life questions. Have we come out with any answers, you ask? For some things yes, but for many of the others, we have yet to find out...

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