Thursday, January 26, 2017

I Would, You Should, Ubud

Through various conversations we had with people in the past, we learned to bypass Denpasar and the city life that comes with it when on Bali. And I couldn't agree with all the suggestions more. 

Just driving out of the airport through the city was enough for me. It reminded me a bit of my family's hometown of Cebu City, Philippines. Plenty of people are out and about taking to whatever business or chores or errands they need. Equally plentiful are the people just hanging out doing nothing all around. There are buildings new and old. There are shops clean and dirty. And the infrastructure is mixed; you can still see the green of pastures mixed into the modern concrete jungle. It's still hectic here. 

If you come this far around the world, then chances are you don't want to be in the chaos. And most likely, you've heard of the peace and serenity of Bali. More specifically, you've probably heard of the calm and peaceful nature of Ubud, though not many people will identify it as saying you're in Bali is far more recognizable. But there's really a difference that is important to distinguish. Ubud is where you go to rest, relax, revive, and rejuvenate. 

Forget your worries and your stress at the airport. Ubud allows you to do that. Surround yourself with rice fields and terraces. Ensure coconut trees are in your peripheral vision. Make sure you are within earshot of the running water of streams or irrigation systems in the distance. Schedule some massages to work out the kinks and relax the body. Then schedule some more to absorb the essential oils and the reality that you are in a stunning and natural environment where the extent of your troubles is choosing from a plethora of eating options. Enjoy. Indulge. Satisfy your body's desire to destress and detox. Have fun and smile at the local people, because they are happy to have you here. 

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