Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Is it wrong to say that I was not impressed with Tasmania? Yes, it had its beauty and unique traits both natural and man made. Yes, there was wonderful food in some parts. Yes, there were good people and plenty of recreation. Yes, it was comfortable and clean, generally. But... in comparison to Easter Island or the South Island of New Zealand, I have a hard time choosing to return to Tasmania. Is it fair to say that when I've spent merely 7 days on this island state? Are first impressions forever lasting? Or are return trips necessary to positively gauge a locale?

I am not a fan of the sleepy towns on Sundays. I was not wowed by the interior landscape. The scenery left you seeking something more breathtaking. The natural wonders were not as grand or as spectacular as others we've seen. But the peace and serenity of the world revolving around you as you sat still on the coastline was enchanting. And the animals we saw were cute and lovable. So as you can imagine, I'm torn about how to think.

Did we miss out on a lot? I'm sure we did. Or maybe things just didn't pique our interest. For example, I'm sure wine lovers' palates would bask in the flow of various grape notes. We are not connoisseurs but maybe we should have had a tasting. We've heard of the fresh produce, but didn't see it in the markets. Maybe we should have shopped more locally instead of Coles. But still, there is more to see that we simply just didn't have time for.

On the one hand I wasn't given a good enough reason to come back. But on the other hand, coming back would force me to find the impression I'm looking for. Maybe someday with my children I will visit again.

But in the meantime, Brisbane is calling my name.

View of Cradle Mountain from Dove Lake. The circuit around Dove Lake is about 2-3hrs. 

Iconic Dove Lake boat shed with a view of Cradle Mountain in the background.

Waterfalls along the Rainforest Walk

View of Cradle Mountain from afar on the King Billy Circuit

Fresh raspberries and raspberry fizz drink from Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

James Boag's Draught is the finest beer in Tasmania and made in the heart of Launceston. 

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