Saturday, November 4, 2017

Blog Post Challenge - The Beach

Today's blog post (and maybe more in the future) is a challenge posed by my wife to write about something of her choice. And in an effort to be flexible, spontaneous, and try something new... I accept.

This is going to be like those open ended exam questions, that I used to be so poor at answering. Constructing my responses was so difficult back then. Let's see what it's like now.

Topic: Why do people love the beach? Not just being at the beach, but the beach itself. Use your 5 senses to answer. Describe the different types of beaches, how they make you feel, and why.

Ah, the beach. A place where sun, sand, wind and water all join forces in the most perfect way to make you feel so comfortable that your natural tendency is to let down your guard and anxiety and forces your happiness to skyrocket. The salty sea air is like a nasal decongestant. Inhale freshness, exhale your troubles. The sun is like a warm, colorful blanket. Let it wrap you up with its vitamins and keep you safe from the harm of body shamers. The sounds of waves crashing on the shore, or the lapping of water at low tide are a reminder that water is the most powerful liquid on Earth. Enjoy it carefully or suffer the consequences of stupidity. Seeing all the colors, the power, the life, balance and the love joined in an area of such simplicity is only a taste of the beauty that this world has to offer. And that's what people admire most about the beach. It calls them, and when they heed that call they are never disappointed. What's not to love about that?

With so many types of beaches in so many different settings, it's an adventure to pick which ones to go to. I like beaches that are hard to get to and unique. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I find it. And a dip in the water after I've racked my brain to discover the location or trekked off the beaten path to get there make the water more refreshing, soothing, and relaxing. I like the less crowded beaches.

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More public beaches are great for a weekend getaway or an evening stroll or to spend time with friends and family to pay volleyball or toss a football around. I like to people watch on these beaches. I enjoy watching the families have a good time, kids play together, and friends take in the sun and lose themselves in conversation. I also like boardwalks you sometimes find on the shore to find comfort in food, to play boardwalk games, pop into the little shops, and still enjoy the sea breeze. But I'm not a fan of how crowded it can get. That's why I gravitate towards the harder to reach beaches. But I can love both for different reasons.

We've been to tons of beaches. I've loved them all. It's hard to find something you don't like. Even if it's rocky or littered with shells or have touts trying to sell you things, that doesn't deter us from finding enjoyment. As long as the sun is out, the sand is hot on top and cool underneath, and the people surrounding you are happy then there's little else to care about or make you worry. Have fun! Life's a beach! (589)

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