Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Cookie Monster Wants CAKE?

Is it really unrealistic to have your cake and eat it too?

No, it's not. You can certainly have it. You can certainly eat it. But having it and eating it doesn't mean you will necessarily feel good about it. Nor does it mean that all the results are positive.

Herein lies the dilemma of decision-making.

On the one hand, there's great satisfaction in getting everything you want and indulging in the glory of your hard work, dedication, time spent, and energy exerted. Day in and day out you've starved yourself to develop the best attributes. Sacrifices were made along the way knowing that one day, eventually, you'd prosper in the fashion you've dreamed of. You've built your recipe for success, and when the time comes, the reward should be yours for the taking. If you put your best effort and high grade ingredients into the mix, then why not reap all the benefits all at once, immediately?

Because, on the other hand, allowing oneself to enjoy all the pleasures of what you believe to be victory, getting everything you want at the same time, still has it's consequences. They may not be immediate; they usually kick in after the fact, but you can't hide from the inevitable.

So what do you choose? Satiate your intense, long, drawn out cravings for instant gratification and deal with the repercussions later? Or spoil yourself a little at a time to take on the weight and burden piecemeal knowing that you can balance it out along the way with proper attention and care?

It is not easy to decide. It is frustrating to think about.

I have cake in front of me, and I can't figure out if I should eat it... or pass it up for some cookies over the course of time. (301)

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