Saturday, November 11, 2017

To Be Continued... Just Not Daily

I've decided. Today is going to be my last day of consecutive days writing 300 to 1000+ words a day in my blog. It's been such a great challenge. I've been able to write about so many topics, such as politics, economics, climate change, books, life, family, feelings, lessons, food, experiences, technology, investments, polls, opinions, current events, etc. Shoot, I even did an interview! And in one of my posts, I wrote some rhymes!

I think what I enjoyed the most was coming up with a title to each of the posts. My approach has been to title my writing after all was done and written up to my liking. I realized quickly that starting out with a title made it nearly impossible to think of enough content to fulfill the expectation. Most times, a phrase or an analogy that I would talk about would end up being my title. I've also found a lot of my titles to be creative and funny. I'm not sure what other people think of them, but I sometimes want to pay myself on the back when I read them back.

Secondary to the titles has to go to finding illustrations to match the topics. Sometime I scour the internet for photos, comics, and other imagery to help invite readers to my post. I learned that with Blogger, the first photo in your post is used as the thumbnail for any links to the post. So choosing the best first pic is important. And I suppose that's one of the handicaps of using Blogger; you have less choice. When I choose an image I tend to look for something colorful, funny, and something that conveys my writing. I want that when you see the thumbnail you have a slight idea what it may be about before you start reading. I hope I've done a decent job with this.

The worst part about the past 45 days of blogging are the days when my mind is blank, when I cannot think of a decent topic worth writing about. Granted, not all the subjects I've chosen have been the most interesting to everyone, but I've been able to speak to them for at least 300+ words. I've had a few close calls too. Some nights I've put blogging off until the last minutes of the day. But I can say that I've successfully posted without missing one for 45 days.

I guess you can say that this post is a little bit of a cop out, but it's a recap of what I've done for this challenge. It's a nice look back at my progress, difficulties, and enjoyment throughout. In fact, here are a couple of my favorite posts from the past 45:

- The Cookie Monster Wants CAKE?

- Risk More Than Others And Dream Like You Mean It

Did you like any of them in particular? Let me know. I'm always interested to hear your opinions.

Going forward, I'm sure I'll be blogging regularly but less than daily. Maybe that will encourage you all to keep up with me more often. In fact, maybe my next challenge will be to take topics from you and write about them. Who wants to participate? What's my next topic? (542)

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