Thursday, November 9, 2017

Relax - The Right Pair of Hands Will Fix That

Massages work wonders!

It's not often that I get a massage, but when I do I thoroughly enjoy them. Tonight was one of those times. And I never get anything less than 90 minutes anymore. The one-hour sessions I used to settle for just never seemed to be enough for me; my body was always craving more attention. What your body craves is what you should give it. Just like the proper nutrition and exercise, the right amount of massaging will do you good.

And despite that previous statement, I am not a monthly goer. I do not have a membership at any of the local therapy locations. On the rare occasions I crave a massage, I use my wife's membership and as a guest, I get my fix. The privilege allows the member pricing for the guest, and it's worth it because although I could go every month, but it's just not a financially practical activity for me. For my wife who needs it more than I do, the membership is one of the best recurring expenses she has for herself. Happy wife, happy life... right?

I used to be afraid to strip down to my underwear and lay on the table, but a seasoned patient knows that it's the easiest way to allow the massage therapist do their job. No need to roll up or fold shorts, and less material in the way for when a proper masseuse stretches you in directions you had no idea your body could contort.  And those are some of the best motions that you can be put through.

I love the typical massage. Knead my body as much as you can. Poke and prod my muscles until the knots let up. But give me good stretch, and I feel like that goes a long way and the pleasure is longer lived.

Some people find a way to sleep from the comfort that their session put them in. But for me, my massages require active participation. My therapist has me take deep breaths that help her get at muscles and pin points that are exposed by the muscle expansion and contraction. I talk with my therapist throughout to let her know more or less pressure, if it feels good or bad, and to concentrate on a particular area.

On the flip side, she requires me to respond to her queries as well. She tells me when she feels an area of tension or a knot. She speaks anatomically about why I feel something or what is causing the issue. She offers correction to my daily posture or physical health. And she tells me when she's going to potentially hurt me in the process, but that it's a required evil to smooth out the muscle that's overly stressed / tense.

It's a great experience every time. The only thing I don't look forward to about a massage is finding a new therapist, if and when that time comes. Therapists are like doctors. If you find a good one, you should hang on to her as long as possible because the better she knows your body, the better able she is to fix your sore parts.

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