Saturday, October 7, 2017

Standing At The Airport, Waiting For A Train

Today, as I struggle to find something to write about, I decided to have a look back at my old posts in this blog. Doing that was a good reminder to reflect on the past every once in a while.

I realized that I've been blogging for a while, albeit very inconsistently, since 2008. The funny part is that I didn't have my own domain name until 2013, when I registered it with GoDaddy. Although I cannot remember the actual reason for registering this domain, I'm sure it had something to do with wanting to brand myself and not be a subdomain of a generic website (ie. blogspot). And I probably wanted to keep up with the times and the social / internet evolution. Over the years, I've registered a number of domains with the hope of conjuring up some kind of business or idea to make use of the outlet. Nothing major has come out of any of them yet.

Anyway, some of the content I had in the past was fairly interesting. I wrote with such passion about some things and other entries were merely updates about myself. Then there was a phase where I wouldn't write about myself and concentrated on topics of interest (or so I thought they were. Who knows what others thought?). And I actually had an interactive audience back then. I wonder where they are now?

I also used to follow a number of blogs in the past, many of them friends. When I tried to peer into those websites this morning, I found that many of them no longer exist. And those that were still present are currently inactive, meaning they haven't posted in months or years. I recall that the people I subscribed to were interesting writers whose content and writing style kept me interested. I wonder where they are now? I'm sure they still lead active, fun lifestyles but lack the time to share through writing. Or maybe they still write, but microblog through Twitter or FaceBook or Instagram, which I do too (man, I'm shameless).

Over the years, I can see that my writing has improved and my interests have evolved. The one thing that has not changed about me is that I constantly look to learn something new. And in that, I believe I'm successful. My first post was about "success" and that it is a journey, not a destination. So here's to the continuation of my journey - that I may navigate the twists and turns of life as well as the land, air, and sea around the world in a safe and enlightening way, to learn as much as possible from others, and to share the insights I have accumulated along the way.

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