Saturday, October 14, 2017

Day 17 Of The Challenge

Today is Day 17 of my 500 (really just 300) Words-A-Day challenge to myself. And I'm struggling yet again to find a topic to write about but forcing myself to put some sentences on the page. Does it count if I contributed 156 words to my other blog? Or is that cheating? Haha.

I think it's been tough to find subjects to post about because I've been cooped up all day at home. And although I read the news online, watch television, read books and magazines daily, I don't have the constant interaction with other people. I believe it's that discussion time, that spur of the moment thinking, and dynamic / at-this-very-moment stream of consciousness thought process that really diversifies an experience. Trains of thought and exchanges of ideas in the midst of conversation are what give your mind the helpful dose of creativity and mental ammunition for good writing.

There's only so much you can think about while you're alone. Walking to the gym to exercise or taking a 5 mile stroll around town are certainly good times to provoke thought but for me the ideas just recycle themselves. For a fresh outlook, I really believe I need an exchange with another human.

I suppose that's why going to work / being in the office always kept my mind churning. I constantly felt busy or that my mind was so full. I remember always having random thoughts. The conversations I had with co-workers and colleagues was always interesting. We had a steady flow of material and not enough time to share it all.

Thankfully, tomorrow, I'll be going out to lunch with my relatives to celebrate my dad's birthday. I'm sure I'll have some interesting conversations with them that should spur some ideas.

Unemployment, you're messing with my mind! (300)

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