Thursday, October 19, 2017

Get Your Umbrellas Out Because I'm About to Brainstorm (Again)

While I'm on the topic of investments, I recently had a recollection of all the random ideas I've had in the past that never made it anywhere. For a while, I "invested" my time in developing some concepts that I hoped would make it big someday. The names needed to be short and catchy; the domain name had to be available and memorable. The product or service had to be something people would be interested in, and at the time I thought that was enough. Little did I know that the product / service also needed to be needed and solve a problem. (I know these things now because I watch Shark Tank religiously.)

Then I registered the domains, created the administrative email accounts, setup a Google Suite account, and if the idea was good enough - I recruited a small team to help, created a website, FB page, Instagram, and Twitter account. Of all the ideas that ever completely made it down that path, there were only two - my own blog and DrunkEats. But the vast majority of other thoughtful possibilities only got domain names. And even with that, the names and ideas were a stretch away from anything remotely possible.

But there is one idea that I constantly keep at the forefront of my imagination hoping I could further develop it and one day be smart enough to have others back it. I mean, I think it's good but its not unique enough. (Although the slogan we came up with is fantastic. Haha.) Anyway, a discussion about the service-oriented business idea resurfaced recently in a conversation with a friend who is currently going through his own newly created (but certainly thought about at length) brand development.

As I described to him the concept behind the name and could-be business idea, he chimed in with enthusiasm, even adding fuel to the gently stoked campfire burning in my mind by contributing some ideas and thoughts about it. We talked about blogging, branding, marketing, and direction. And at the end of the phone call, I told myself that I'd have to jumpstart the idea again with the team I previously enlisted many years ago when it all started. Of course, I'd want to involve my friend somehow because the more, the merrier but also the better the ideas become with more people to help it along. (396)

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